Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This is the web site of GlobexCamHost.

At GlobexCamHost, we prioritize the privacy of our clients and website visitors. We collect personal information to provide web hosting services, technical support, and for data analytics and website security purposes. Our privacy policy outlines the information collected, reasons for collection, and how the data is used and disclosed. Please note that our privacy policy may be updated, and any modifications will be communicated through this privacy policy URL, our forums, and prominently on our website and client portal.

Information Collected

When you visit GlobexCamHost-owned websites, we collect information such as the page URL, referral source, IP address, timestamp, browser, and operating system. This data is utilized for security purposes, logging, and website analytics. By placing an order, you may voluntarily provide additional personal information, such as your email address, as per your consent.

Use of Information

GlobexCamHost securely stores essential information, including email addresses, to facilitate communication regarding orders, billing, technical support, order history, and service announcements. For recurring billing, payment details like credit card information may be provided. We only collect the minimum necessary data to fulfill an order. Personal information, such as IP addresses and locations, may be utilized to assess potential fraud risks and determine order acceptance. When seeking technical support, information like email addresses, domain names, and details within support tickets may be shared with our dedicated support team. Furthermore, after resolving a support ticket, a survey may be sent for feedback. The use of technical support is governed by the Terms of Use available on the client portal when submitting a support request.

Security of personal information

At GlobexCamHost, we prioritize the security of our clients' data. To ensure safe transactions, our order system utilizes SSL encryption, which safeguards the information exchanged between end users and our platform. However, it's important to note that despite encryption, certain parties like your ISP may still have visibility into the accessed URL. When credit card details are submitted, they undergo encryption before being stored in our internal database. Additionally, our client portal system benefits from enhanced protection through Imperva Incapsula, a cloud-based firewall and security system. Rest assured, we take every measure to maintain the privacy and security of your information.

Third party access

GlobexCamHost protects personal information of clients. Data may be disclosed under the following circumstances:

  • If required by law due to a subpoena or court order.
  • Information will be made available to GlobexCamHost employees to carry out normal task such as requested technical support or billing.
  • Domain name registrations through GlobexCamHost will share the personal information such as email, address and phone number in order to register a domain name.
  • Trusted third parties that are required for normal business activities such as processing credit card payments or affiliates.
  • Business transfers such as a sale or merger.

Only the minimum information necessary is shared with the third party.

Use of cookies

At GlobexCamHost, we utilize cookies to track sessions on our website. These cookies are essential for identifying your session and storing necessary information to process your order effectively. They are also used to track referral links, enabling us to monitor third-party pages that have contributed to successful service orders. Additionally, we partner with third parties to display re-targeted advertisements on external websites. Rest assured, we adhere to privacy regulations and ensure that the use of cookies is in line with our commitment to providing a seamless and personalized browsing experience.

International Transfers

If you are accessing GlobexCamHost from a location outside the United States, please note that your personal information will be transmitted to and processed in the United States where our servers are located. The collection, storage, and usage of your personal data will be governed by the terms outlined in our privacy policy. By continuing to use our services, you consent to the transfer and processing of your information in accordance with this policy. If you have any concerns or inquiries about the handling of your personal information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Data retention

Personal data is kept as long as there is a business need to keep the data. Personal information like payment history is kept for tax and accounting purposes.

User Control of Personal Information

You have control over your personal information through GlobexCamHost's account portal. In case you encounter any issues with making changes, please reach out to our support team via the contact page.

GlobexCamHost respects your requests to remove personal data in accordance with applicable laws. However, please note that this privacy policy applies only to GlobexCamHost owned websites and does not extend to websites outside our network.