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Take your website performance to new heights with our upgraded Boost Web Hosting packages. We have enhanced the same reliable web hosting package you're familiar with to meet the demands of today's most popular websites. Experience boosted speed, reliability, and scalability, ensuring your website can handle increased traffic and deliver an exceptional user experience. Upgrade to our Boost Web Hosting packages and unlock the full potential of your website.

$9.95 /Month






Boost X


1 2 4 10
SQL Cores
4 8 16 40
1.43G/s 2.86G/s 5.86G/s 13.3G/s
2G 4G 8G 20G
1024 2048 4096 10240
100 200 400 1000
30 60 90 300
200 400 800 2000
400,000 800,000 1,200,000 3,200,000
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of standard web hosting
Includes all features of
Existing customers contact us to upgrade
Includes all features of
Existing customers contact us to upgrade
Includes all features of
Existing customers contact us to upgrade
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Cloud Apps

461 scripts available for 1 click installs.

Wordpress Web Hosting Wordpress
Joomla Web Hosting Joomla
Drupal Web Hosting Drupal
Prestashop Web Hosting Prestashop
Magento Web Hosting Magento
Mambo Web Hosting Mambo
Easy to use Control Panel

Easy to use Control Panel

Simplify website management with our user-friendly Control Panel. Say goodbye to command line confusion and easily maintain your website using cPanel or DirectAdmin. Designed for admins, resellers, and website owners, our control panel offers a seamless web-based interface for effortless website control. Compatible with CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, FreeBSD, and Cloud Linux, it's the ideal solution for dedicated or virtual private servers.

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Free migration service

Effortlessly transfer your website to GlobexCamHost with our free migration service. Simply provide us with a full cPanel backup, and our team will handle the rest. While it's not mandatory to upload the backup to your new shared hosting account, doing so can save time. Rest assured, any existing data in your current GlobexCamHost account will be overwritten by the backup. Sit back and let us take care of your seamless migration. More Info

Free migration  service
50% Server Capacity


At GlobexCamHost, we optimize website performance by utilizing just 50% of our server capacity. This strategic approach allows us to support the growth of our customers' websites without compromising on speed, reliability, and overall performance. Experience seamless scalability and superior hosting with GlobexCamHost.

$7.99 Domain Registration

Register or transfer your domain for $7.99 with the purchase of any web hosting package.

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s$7.99 Domain Registration
Guaranteed Email Delivery

Guaranteed Email Delivery

With GlobexCamHost, you can enjoy guaranteed email delivery. We have resolved the common issue of email deliverability by implementing a reliable system. Instead of sending emails directly from the web hosting server, we process them through a gateway server and utilize the Mailbaby SMTP relay for delivery. Our system ensures that your emails are scrubbed for spam, maintains good reputations with other email providers, and guarantees that your messages are always delivered successfully.More Info

Affordable eCommerce Solutions to Empower Your Store

Discover affordable eCommerce solutions that empower your online store. At GlobexCamHost, we provide user-friendly and cost-effective eCommerce hosting options, giving you the flexibility to build your store on the platform of your choice. Whether you prefer Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, or any other platform, we've got you covered. Take your eCommerce business to new heights with our reliable hosting services.

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We Are The Fastest Web Hosting Provider

Experience lightning-fast web hosting with us. As the fastest web hosting provider, we ensure that your website loads at blazing speeds, offering an exceptional user experience. Our commitment to fairness and integrity sets us apart. We prioritize our clients and continually explore new technologies to enhance your hosting experience. Excitingly, we now offer Macintosh hosting, enabling you to keep your website on Linux or Windows while benefiting from the Mac platform. With over two decades of experience since 1999, we have garnered positive reviews and prestigious awards.Discover more about us on our About Us page and compare us to the competition on our dedicated comparison page.

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