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Experience the power of cPanel hosting at its best with GlobexCamHost. Our dedicated cPanel hosting solution offers seamless server management, saving you valuable time and money. Enjoy effortless website administration with streamlined automation, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance. Choose reliability, efficiency, and convenience with our web hosting services. Discover the benefits of cPanel hosting with GlobexCamHost today.

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Web Hosting with cPanel

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Why Do You Need to Choose cPanel Hosting?

cPanel hosting gives you full access over your website. Choose cPanel hosting to gain complete access and management capabilities for your CMS-based website, such as WordPress. With a range of settings and features, cPanel empowers you to optimize and troubleshoot your site effortlessly, ensuring seamless performance and enhanced functionality.

cPanel provides application such as:

  • apache
  • php
  • mysql
  • perl

cPanel Webmail utilizes

  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • SMTP

Standard Web Hosting

  • Unlimited_Storage


  • Unlimited_Transfer


  • Unlimited_Websites


  • Unlimited_Email



Create a Professional Email

Create professional email addresses for your business. Establish a strong and credible online presence with custom email accounts tailored to your domain. Easily create personalized email addresses such as mailme@xyz.com or info@xyz.com that reflect your brand identity. In addition, take advantage of convenient features like forwarders and autoresponders to enhance your email communication efficiency. Elevate your professional image with every message you send.

Easy to Manage Domains

With cPanel, managing your domains has never been easier. Take control of your primary and sub-domains effortlessly using the intuitive DNS Zone Editor and Advanced Zone Editor. Whether you need to set up subdomains, addon domains, parked domains, or redirects, it's a matter of seconds to configure them. Simplify your domain management tasks and make adjustments with ease using cPanel's user-friendly interface.

Easy to Manage Domains

High-Level Security

Enhance Your Website's Security with cPanel. Keep your website secure and protected with cPanel's robust security settings. Safeguard your valuable data by easily configuring password-protected directories and folders, managing GnuPG Key settings, and setting up IP address denials. Boost your website's security further by enabling SSL/TLS to restrict unauthorized access. For advanced protection, take advantage of additional security features such as ModSecurity, HotLink Protection, and Leech Protect. Rest easy knowing that your website is fortified against potential threats with cPanel's high-level security measures.

450+ Cloud Apps

Unleash the Power of 450+ Cloud Apps with cPanel. Expand the possibilities for your website beyond traditional CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. With cPanel, you have access to over 450+ cloud apps, allowing you to customize and scale your website according to your specific needs. Enhance your site's functionality with a wide range of options, including addons for bulletin boards, eCommerce, guest books, and even blogs. Empower your website with the flexibility and versatility of cPanel's extensive selection of cloud apps.

450+ Cloud Apps
Create and Manage Database

Create and Manage Database

Effortlessly Create and Manage Databases with cPanel. Enjoy the flexibility and control to create and manipulate unlimited databases, utilizing both MySQL and PostgreSQL, seamlessly. Whether you need to store large amounts of data or control access to specific information, cPanel empowers you to efficiently handle your database needs. Experience the convenience of managing your databases with ease, making database administration a breeze with cPanel.

Dedicated File Manager

Effortlessly Manage Your Website Files with the Dedicated File Manager in cPanel. Take control of your website's functionalities using the powerful and intuitive File Manager provided by cPanel. Whether you're a developer or not, you can easily navigate, edit, and organize your website files like a pro. Enjoy the convenience of making changes, but don't forget to create a backup before making any modifications. Experience hassle-free file management with cPanel's dedicated File Manager.

Dedicated File Manager

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